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MMS can transform your simple message into a much more exciting story. With MMS you can send pictures, video and audio to express and share your emotions.
You can attach documents of up to 100KB per MMS.
To send an MMS, take a picture or record a video with your phone camera, create a Multimedia message, attach the picture or video, add text if required and press “send”.

The MMS configuration of your phone is set up by our Customer Service Advisor when you register for Tigo Internet (EDGE/GPRS)

For advanced users’ reference, Tigo Lao MMS settings are the following:
1. IAP Name: TigoLao MMS
2. Access Point Name (APN): tigolaomms
3. Leave User Name and Password empty.
4. IP:
5. Port: 8080
6. Server Address: http://mms.tigolao.com:19090/was